Fill out the Staff Application and tell us something about yourself and your work.



Read the Staff Rules and Guidelines to learn more about our Staff's work.



Who are we looking for to apply? Are you one of them?



To apply for Staff on RoyalMC, you will first need to meet these requirements:

- Minimal age is 15 years old

- You must have played on our server for at least a few weeks

- You need to be a loyal player

- You shouldn't have any past bans or other punishments

- You need to be a fine person with a good personality

- You need to always be ready to help players in need

- You need to sign the Staff Agreement (Sent by the Owner)


[1] Loyalty and Reliability

All Staff Members are required to be loyal and reliable all the time. They need to be ready to help players in need in any situation or time, of course, if it is possible to.

[2] Unfair Gameplay

Do not use staff abilities to benefit yourself or impact the server economy. Also, do not use staff abilities to “help” your friends.

[3] Online Time

We are aware that all people also have personal lives, so we do not expect 24/7 online time, but we do want Staff Members to be active often enough to help on the server.

[4] Approaching to other players

Speak to players respectably and professionally, we do not want to be unprofessional or childish.

[5] Use common sense

If you are unsure or it doesn’t seem right simply don’t do it. You can always ask a higher ranked staff member or the Owner.

[6] Providing Evidence

When punishing someone (muting, kicking, banning...) you need to provide or save solid evidence to prevent further complications.

[7] Changing your in-game-name

Before you change your Minecraft name, you must clear it with an Admin or higher.

[8] It's all voluntary

All the work Staff members do is helping the server to grow and get better. Any builds or structures that are built by any staff member on our server belong to the server and should NOT be considered yours in any way. Of course, credits are given. Staff should not expect to get any kind of payment for their VOLUNTARY work, but exceptions CAN and WILL be made.

[9] Other Rules

Staff members must also obey the normal server rules. You can read them here